As we have many options available for toys being a parent, so it is hectic to choose which to choose and which not. Ideally speaking, you ought to be safe, durable as well as reasonable that will help you out to develop some skills, both physically & mentally. While plastic toys are easily available & varied, so people ignore wooden toys sometimes. They have a plethora of pros and can beat shiny and bright plastic toys in all manners.

Here, we have all six reasons available that make wooden toys far better than plastic ones. Let us take a peek at these below and figure out everything.

Motivates Imaginative Play

The primary pro is that all such wooden toys require a kid to use all the imaginative skills to play with them. How a child is playing in the begging steps of childhood is so vital for growth and development in the future. However, it has been shown in studies that imaginative play is so important and is crucial to cognitive ability. There are no such electronic parts included in wooden toys to enhance skills, ready to ship (ของเล่นไม้เสริมทักษะ พร้อมส่ง, which is a term in Thai), so the children can manage the handling themselves.


Usually, wooden toys are too environmental-friendly rather than plastic ones as they are biodegradable. Also, you can offer a toy to your kid that can give it back to the environment. When you are buying a wooden toy, then you take a step ahead to save the environment. Wooden toys are so good to play with, as they are renewable, sustainable, and organic.


A primary concern for a child is safe and indeed, wood is too safer as an alternative to metal or plastic. Kids have a habit of putting everything in mouth and thus, wood will not cause anything bad to them. Unfortunately, the plastic toys can easily break and also, leave some sharp edges that might be harmful to the child. Therefore, if safety is your priority, then there is no need to worry because wood is far safer.

Final Note

Therefore, it is better to use wood as a toy for your kids as these are safer and never cause any harm to them. Overall, these are environment-friendly and the risk is less in comparison with that of the plastic ones. So, go for a wooden toy and save the planet!