In most schools and professions students and the professionals are using mechanical pencil that reduces their time taking to sharpen their pencils. Mechanical pencils are pencils with a lead-advance mechanism that pushes the lead forward when it is pressed at the time of writing. Due to this reason, many companies started to stock and manufacture these kinds of pencils. You can find these pencils in different varieties, styles, features, and used for many purposes. To buy a good mechanical pencil there are lots of things and guides have to be followed. Here are some of the good reasons to buy a mechanical pencil and its preferences.

No sharpening:

One of the major things about mechanical pencils is about its lead. The leads are sharp enough and there is no need to sharpen it to draw or to write. It saves lots of time and effort. Many people switch to mechanical pencils because they need not be sharpened. If you are using wooden case pencils there are more chances of breaking up the pencil nib. To buy a new pencil it costs due to frequent purchasing of pencils.

Consistent line width:

Considering the wooden cased pencil, it will sharpen and write a very thin line for some time. While it keeps on writing it shrinking its sharpness and the line of writing will get thicker and thicker. Coming to mechanical pencils a sharp lead is inserted to it and it produces a very sharp and thin line at the time of writing. Importantly the thin line remains the same till the leads get over and are considered to be the more predictable tool.

Consistent tool:

While talking about the balance wooden cased pencil becomes shorter and shorter as it is sharpened. Due to this the pencil does not have a proper balancing and you will face difficulties at the time of writing. Whereas using mechanical pencils you will get a perfect balance as it does not shorten its size. You can get the perfect balance throughout and only thing you have to do is change the lead when it gets over. For some, this won’t be an issue but for some people like artists find it as a big difference for them.


In the case of a wooden case pencil, once the pencil is over you have to buy another one. There are more trees cut down for making wooden cased pencils in a year and it is against nature completely. You no need to throw away the mechanical pencil once it is over rather you can refill it by putting the lead tip into it and whenever it gets over. Usually, the pencil tips are founded in the plastic small boxes. A mechanical pencil is a simple tool that can be used for many years.

Therefore these are some of the reasons why many people choose mechanical pencil rather than wooden cased pencils. There is a wide range of collections, styles, and a wide range of marks for mechanical pencil in these years that helps you to buy a perfect one.