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HCM training is a process of familiarizing new employees with the company’s culture, values, and expectations. The goal of HCM training is to help the new employee feel comfortable and confident in their new role.

 HCM training:

HCM training is a process of familiarizing new employees with the company’s culture, values, and expectations. The goal of HCM training is to help the new employee feel comfortable and confident in their new role.

Needs HCM training:

HCM training is typically required for new employees, but it may also be beneficial for existing employees who are transitioning to a new role within the company.

Benefits of HCM training:

HCM training can benefit both the company and the employee. Companies can benefit from improved employee productivity and retention, while employees can benefit from increased job satisfaction and confidence.

Achieving effective workday hcm training in hyderabad is not always easy. Too often, companies try to cram too much information into too short a time frame. This can leave employees feeling overwhelmed and unable to retain what they have learned. To ensure that your training is effective, plan to spend several weeks on it.

Covered in HCM training:

Topics covered in HCM training can vary depending on the needs of the company and the employees. However, common topics include company culture, values, and expectations; job responsibilities; and policies and procedures.

Long does HCM training take?

The length of HCM training can vary depending on the company and the employees. However, most HCM training programs last between one and two days.

HCM training delivered:

HCM training can be delivered in a variety of ways, including classroom-based instruction, online courses, and on-the-job training.

Associated with HCM training:

The cost of HCM training can vary depending on the company and the employees. However, most HCM training programs are relatively affordable. The most important factor in the cost of HCM training is the size of the company. Smaller companies will generally have to pay less for their HCM training programs.

The cost of HCM training also depends on the type of training. Some training programs may be more expensive than others. Finally, the cost of HCM training also depends on the company’s budget. Some companies may be willing to spend more on their HCM training programs than others.

Available for HCM training:

Yes, there are several certification programs available for HCM training. These programs can help employees to demonstrate their knowledge and skills to potential employers. The most popular certification programs for HCM include the Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP) and the Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) from the Human Resources Certification Institute (HRCI). There are also certification programs offered by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).

Information about HCM training:

For more information about HCM training, please contact your company’s human resources department. If you are seeking an HCM training provider, there are a number of companies that offer this type of training. You can find a list of these companies by searching online or contacting your local Chamber of Commerce.


HCM training is a process of familiarizing new employees with the company’s culture, values, and expectations. The goal of HCM training is to help the new employee feel comfortable and confident in their new role.

It is a dream of every student to score well in the exam and make their parents proud. However, to score well, one must work hard. The Covid-19 pandemic has forced schools and colleges to shut the doors for traditional education. The students have moved to the digital mode of the classroom. However, there are many advantages of these online classrooms.

The online classes have allowed the students to learn from the comfort of their homes. It is very important to have a disciplined approach while learning from home.

If you are a CBSE Class 9 student or class 8 student online platforms help you to study well, Apps like Extra Marks has curated an online application for students to learn all the subjects. They have also kept a 7-day free trial. This learning application from Extra Marks empowers the learners with the animated lessons uploaded on the platform. The illustrations make them even more interesting and fun to learn. The very process of learning is made exciting. A team of experts prepares these modules. You have access to all the study material and the exercises on the portal. The students can even track and manage the events and tasks on the calendar.

The live classes by the top faculty help the students understand the concepts better. There is an in-depth report which helps you track your progress.

Following are some of the tips for scoring well in the CBSE Class 9 student with the online learning application-

  • Create your study group

It is very important to create a study group or an online discussion forum where you can post the questions, discuss, and solve each other’s doubts. Recently, CBSE Class 9 students created a group online to try to solve each other’s doubts.

  • Use Online resources

Even if you do not have access to the offline library, you can use all the online resources and study material. You can make use of this study material and understand the concept better. You can even ask the questions to the tutor.

  • Record the lectures and listen to them later.

The best part about online learning is that you can record the lectures and listen to them later on. The teachers cover some important points in the lectures that sometimes might be hard to grasp or understand. However, you have the liberty of listening to these lectures whenever you have time. This is also good for brushing up on the main concepts of the topic.

Many students take advantage of the online learning application provided by Extra Marks.

The application works uniquely and helps the students track their progress. While students attend the live classes of the teachers, they can also ask them doubts.

The top faculty also keeps a debate and a question and answer session. This helps the students build confidence. They also get more equipped for the exams through the discussions held in the question and answer sessions. The assessments and the tests that the students take are curated by the experts. If they are able to ace these tests, then they can definitely excel in the main examination.

There are narrative and written in comic books format. This novel can be encompassing nonfiction to fiction from short to long stories. For example Archie comics which was published by John Gold water and Bob Montana who is an illustrator.

Difference between graphic novel and Manga

Manga is a word of Japan which is used for comic it is used in a generic term for all comics and novels in the English-speaking world. It is considered as an artistic and storytelling style. There is a term Amery manga which sometimes referred to comics which is created by American artist in Manga style. On the other hand graphic novels is a narrative work in which the story is conveyed to the reader using comic form. In term of elements manga has depicting objects and images.

What are the different kinds of มังงะ?

There are lots different kind of Manga available worldwide as a comic series like Shônen, shôjo, Seinen, Josei , Naruto, one piece, ghost in the shell, berserk, sailor moon, Hunter x hunter and much more.

What are the top 3 manga?

Top 3 manga in this world is death note, Bleach, Naruto.

Doraemon is also a Japanese อ่านการ์ตูน series written and illustrated by Fujiko F. Fuji. The story revolves around an earless robotic cat named Doormen, who travels back in time from the 22nd century to aid a boy named Nabila.

What are the reasons behind the addiction of Japanese manga?

The best part of Japanese Manga is its precise and alluring drawing which drawn by the Japanese author to attract their Readers. Beautiful drawing and graphics are the main element of attractive manga if the drawing feels awful then you’ll not be able to connect the real manga and can’t enjoy the whole story. Because Japanese writers practice a lot to draw manga, the story came out as an addiction. Due to excellence of Japanese authors of manga people get addicted to it and it shows that Japanese writers are able to satisfy their fans.

When was the first มังงะ published?

The very first manga magazine was Eshinbun Nippon chi which was published in 1874 by kanagaki Rabun. Many said that the first manga was influenced by the ‘The Japan Punch’s the pioneering magazine in Japan. It was published between 1862 and 1887 and the publisher was Charles wireman. 

People can learn various things from the comic book.

Python has turned out to be an immensely popular and highly-demanded programming language today, because of its universal appeal. With high demand and applications, python has turned out to be the first choice of web developers today. Learning python would not just benefit you, but is also easy and profitable. You can take python training in chandigarh to master python. This summer season utilizes your time in learning the language of the era, python. Maximum students and developers are learning python due to its widespread usage and easy syntax. Python is for everyone, from diploma students to graduates everyone wants to get hands on python language. If you are considering getting trained in python and still have doubts about it, here’s a guide to help you get through the process.

Why learn python?

Easy syntax

The main reason behind the popularity of python is its easy syntax and innate simplicity. Python’s code resembles easy English and learning those codes is extremely simple. Anyone who is considering entering the coding industry, is advised to learn python. Python is used widely in both development and data science fields for web development. Python codes are shorter than codes of another language.

Highly flexible and extensible

Python being a highly scalable and extensible language allows you to perform cross-language operations without any hassle. Python allows easy integration with java and .NET Components. Python also invokes the use of C/C++ libraries. Python is flexible and hence can be run on any platform, Like Windows, Linux,  Macintosh, Solaris, etc.

Varied libraries to cater to every need

Python offers the maximum number of useful libraries, as compared to any other language. These libraries help program and design easily. These libraries have enhanced the functionality and capabilities of python significantly. For every task python has a corresponding library to get work done easily. These libraries span solutions to every need of varied business vertices. Some of the most effective and highly used libraries of python are, NumPy, SciPy, Scikit learn, Matplotlib, Pandas, StatsModels etc.

Highly demanded

Python holds high popularity in GUI, Desktop application design and app designing. Due to easy codes and user-friendly interface python is high-demand. Many top MNC’S and business houses have adopted python for their websites and applications. Due to this high-demand individuals are coursing towards learning python language. even amidst web developers python finds high-demand.

Command high pay checks

If you have python skills, you can grab a seat and work at some posts offering high pay checks. Python opens up doors to various highly paid positions. Python rules the development and data science fields at present, it promises a high growth graph with huge salary prospects. Spanning a range of jobs from data analysts to full-stack developers.

Python’s certification courses at companies:

In Chandigarh, many companies are offering their candidates the course of python. But when it’s time for you to choose, we would advise you to choose the best company that provides quality education and imparts certification of value. When you choose a company make sure they provide you ISO Certified certification of high level and international validation for you to be able to apply it nationally and internationally with the proof of quality education. Also choose a company that offers professional guidance and helps you learn under working professionals. Count on the experience of a company in training individuals over past years.

Python is not just one of the most popular scripting languages but it also has to offer promising career opportunities. Python is the favorite coding language of any web developer this is because it is a ‘general purpose coding language’. which confers that apart from web development, python can also be used for programming and software development. That includes back end development, software development, data science and writing system scripts among other things.

Python is a multi- purpose language and is easy to learn and code. Due to pythons object oriented approach and ability to design dynamic pages, it has gained immense popularity. Python’s property to serve multiple purpose, severs the gate to multiple job roles. Python has become a mainstream coding language, with many successful tech companies using it, including Google, Netflix etc. python’s extensive open-source libraries and easy codes make it an ideal language for coding. Python paves a clear path for your career. When you take training in python, you can opt for any of these job roles, namely:

Python Developer

If you want to go the straightway, this is the job for you. Python developer is required to build websites, optimize data algorithms etc. a wide array of companies seek python developers to develop websites using python. This is one of the highly paid job roles and has a promising career both in  government and private sector. Many business houses and associations seek python developers to develop websites for them. Python developers are highly in demand today. Hence training in python could land you in this great job role.

Product Manager

Another popular job role to pursue after python training in Chandigarh. Every company and business needs a product manager to assess their products and services. A person who knows python can analyze any amount of data efficiently and effectively and companies hire python developers as product managers. Product analysis is essential to gauge the changes required to enhance the product and services.

Data analyst

Every business house requires to analyze its data regularly to know customer patterns, their limitations and other things to become better. A data analyst is a job role for a person who has in-depth knowledge of python to analyze and draw result from a huge pile of data. this is also a highly paid job role. python has libraries such as panda, sciPy etc to assist in this task, hence companies seek python developers for this purpose.

Machine Learning engineer

A machine learning engineer builds and trains machines, programs, and other computer-based systems to apply their learned knowledge for making predictions.  Python with its numerous libraries and ease of coding is the ideal language to serve this purpose hence python developers  are highly in demand for this job role.

Data Journalist

Data journalism is a job role that involves use of data to convey news stories. A person who knows python and has a great grip at writing can go for this. This job role requires a person who can use python to sort through huge pile of information and display the segment required. One of the highly paid job role. the demand for a data journalist is increasing every day.

Python severs doors to various job roles which pay you a handsome amount and provide your career growth. A person who has python skill can go for work in any department of both government and private sector. Due to the efficiency of python language, there is a high demand for people who are trained in it.

If you’re a resident of Bathinda and want to settle abroad for work or study, you are at the right blog. Bathina is a hub to some of the most efficient training institutes for IELTS. This article will explain benefits of joining best ielts institute in Bathinda.  The English language testing system (IELTS), is a test to measure your skills in the English language per international standard for higher education and global migration to foreign English-speaking countries. With the ongoing demand for people migrating to another country, there is an IELTS coaching center coming up. Here are certain ways to find the best IELTS coaching center in Bathinda for you.

Effective teaching methodology

With the number of institutes emerging up, make sure you see that the one you choose for yourself uses proper teaching methodology for bright results. Try taking a demo class to figure out whether you are comfortable with the way they teach. And also whether they are using proper methods and types of equipment to teach.

Qualified teachers

To ace the IELTS exam, you need proper guidance and skills from a qualified person and master in the field of IELTS. Make sure your teachers are qualified and have experience in teaching. Talk to the present batch of the institute to get a clear insight into the institute and its teachers.

Latest types of equipment

The IELTS exam is a technical exam involving the use of proper hearing and recording tools. To be comfortable and familiar with the exam and its pattern you need to be through with the processes involved in the exam. make sure your institute uses proper equipment for the latest edition to make you exam-ready. This is the only way you get comfortable in attempting the exam. you get comfortable around the equipment and they do not come as shock to you during the exam.

Latest syllabus with regular practice tests

Any institute which is excellent at its service would be up-to-date with the syllabus and test patterns. Compare the syllabus of the institute with the latest syllabus provided on the official IELTS website to know whether you are being taught per the latest syllabus or not. The institute must conduct regular mock tests to track your progress and help you highlight the key areas in which you need to put extra effort.

  1. Experience and certified institute:

An experience institute with high success results is surely the one you need to go for. Experience counts the most. With an experienced faculty teaching you, you can be sure of positive results. Make sure you don’t just go to any institute. Your institute should be certified by the official authority. Certified institutes are marked in the quality of their service and you can be sure about them.

Interacting with the staff and students of the institute would give you a proper insight into the working and efficiency of the institute. Taking a demo class is advisable to get a clear picture. With these tips, you can get the best IELTS institute for yourself in Bathinda.

The steps towards civil service admission is difficult but if you adapt a tactful strategy, you can work on it and score good marks in the test at the first go. The secret is to adopt a method, start early and follow it diligently in order to excel in the test. There are lakhs of candidates appearing for the test and you have to stand out in the crowd to achieve success.

This article is going to provide you an idea about the exam pattern, its modalities and a few tips that can help you to boost your confidence and take the correct step in preparing for the examination.

Civil Service Exam Phases


The exams take place in three phases. In phase I, there is a preliminary exam which consists of objective type multiple choice questions for a total of 400 marks. There are two papers in the first phase that consists of general knowledge and critical thinking and reasoning skills. Your English language skills will be tested along with ideas on numeric, communication and problem solving skills. There is negative marking per wrong answer unlike UGC NET exam where multiple choice answers do not carry any negative marking. The second paper, named CSAT acts the qualifying paper and you need to score minimum 33% to be eligible for the second step.


This is the second phase of the exam which consists of subjective essay type questions. There will be nine questions in all out if which seven will be counted for merit and two will act as qualifying papers. The Mains is conducted on 2 qualifying papers, each carrying 300 marks and 7 merit papers carrying 250 marks.

The 7 questions allotted for merit based answers will have to be answered within 3 hours. You have to begin your practice session very early as you can clearly see that this is not something you are going to master in a month or so. It demands merit that requires practice in order to score well and jump to the next step.

There will be a personality test along with which will carry 275 marks. So, you will be evaluated on a sum total of 2025 marks!

Personality Evaluation

If you have qualified for the previous examinations, it is time for the ultimate round – the interview round where your personality will be assessed based on your critical and analytical skills, your power of judgement, mental awareness, moral integrity and value of power. You will also be asked general questions to assimilate knowledge about how updated you are about your country and beyond. You have to be at your best here, speaking freely and genuinely about your opinions and not be too discreet about anything.

The final ranking based on written tests and your personal interview will qualify you to various civil ranks based on your score. This is the entire picture of the civil service admission.

Other National Tests

Apart from the UPSC conducted Civil Service Examinations, there is UGC NET exam as well which qualifies you as an Assistant Professor in colleges and Universities and if you crack the score required for JRF, you can pursue higher studies.

Practice is the key. Consult the best books for sharpening your skills and aspire to make your mark in the civil departments.

The Cisco security core technology operation and implementation happen to be the core examination about the CCIE Security certification and CCNP security. This exam is the doorway to the CCIE safety certification as well. Through this specific examination, the skills and knowledge of the candidates are properly tested as well as more information is offered to them. Other than that, when it comes to the proper implementation of this knowledge, this examination also provides a great deal of support. About the core security technologies, this exam offers a very vivid idea. The primary intention of this exam is to impart the knowledge the candidates should have as well as to test the already known knowledge. The security infrastructure, which includes Cloud Security, network security, content security, detection and endpoint protection, secure network access, enforcement, and visibility, takes a proper test.

The Reason for Opting for the CCNP 350-701 examination

The CCNP 350 701 scor security certification with all its updates includes the CCIE security fields’ technologies.  The technologies that you will find in this batch will offer a full cover of email security with the use of C series Cisco iron port,  web security with the help of iron port S series,  flex VPN, ISE server. The candidates get the chance to have a proper understanding of a vast range of subjects as they go through the certification tests. No wonder that this is the reason that value of this certification exam is relatively high. The benefits that the individuals get about the same are also of the best quality.

Better Job Opportunities for you

A fundamental matter related to this CCNP security professional certification is that the ones who are interested in opting for the CCIE or the CCNP certification have to go through this certification process. For career betterment, this test can be called a stepping stone.

Experience the Best Salary Raise Now

With this exam done, the employees can for sure hope for a proper salary hike. In the US, $87,915 happens to be the per-year salary for the network engineers who have passed through the CCNP security certification, and $109,474 is the barrier salary for the professionals in network security who have gone through the security certification.  When it comes to paying scale salary, the professionals for this position get a salary of $113K each year.

How SPOTO Can Help You in Passing the CCNP 350-701 examination

Spoto happens to be that training org that provides proper training to pass the CCNP 350-701 examination. For that, proper 350 701 scor dumps are offered by them. As a result of that, within a short time, with the help of the 350 701 dumps, the individuals can expect to pass the examinations and have a brighter future ahead.


Technology and the internet have not only increased face-to-face learning in higher education but also made a rapid increase in online music programs today. Many universities are offering various distance learning and online courses for undergraduate as well as master degrees. Music programs examine the age, the level of education, the nature of learning, mode of instructions, and many more. It aims at providing up-to-date and representative views on online learning courses.

Therefore, based on the experiences and opinions of the teachers involved in the online music program, let’s focus both on the benefits and drawbacks of the online program in detail.

Benefits of Online Music Program

The Benefits Here Are Discussed From Two Different Perspectives Teachers And Online Learners:

  • Since it is very difficult to attend a music program physically because of a busy schedule, an online program assists you to attend the program virtually any time and anywhere around the world.
  • Virtual programs help people know more about people and music with different cultural backgrounds.
  • Students can choose their tutors accordingly if they are not well-satisfied with the training provided to them in their respective places.
  • Students enjoy virtual music courses because of their multimodal nature. They gain experiences by using numerous techniques such as e-mails, YouTube recordings, and a lot more.

Drawbacks of Online Music Program

The Drawbacks Related To Virtual Learning Are As Follows:

  • Some students are shy and not able to ask their doubt or write it on the discussion board.
  • Courses based on practice and performance may sometimes be very tough due to poor-quality audio or time delay.
  • It is relatively difficult to play instruments live along with the tutor due to delays in transmissions.
  • Sometimes, people taking virtual music programs get distracted by their home environment.
  • People who are not very comfortable with the online programs find it very difficult to cope up in the sessions.
  • Teachers cannot physically help you in improving your techniques on a particular instrument.

Wrapping Up

However, the online program helps older people as they could not go back to the campus to learning music. It is convenient enough for teachers in terms of practicalities such as transportation, time, and payment. Due to the pandemic, it has been increasing tremendously. Therefore, in the coming years, the online music program will have the potential in reducing socio-psychological gaps caused by distance learning. One should take educational initiatives to promote distance learning in music.

preferable for students in Toronto?

After the fall semester a lot of students do not prefer campus housing. It becomes more essential for them to explore the places outside the campus and thus, cab look for York University housing in Toronto.

Apart from getting the freedom, there are other perks of living off campus. It gives an opportunity of personal growth and learning new things. Are you still confused regarding off campus living?  Here are some points which can give you clarity on benefits having a residence outside campus.

New opportunities

It is comfortable to stay on campus. However, you do not get the chance to learn new things and experience life outside campus. Living off campus makes you learn the ways of managing money. You can also choose whether to stay alone or with a roommate. It  teaches you skills of budgeting and communicating with more confidence. This helps you in taking more responsibilities as soon as you leave your college or university.

Different amenities

Once you select the accommodation, there are varieties of amenities which come along with your apartment. It includes gym, dryer, free WiFi, pool and more depending upon the type of residence you have opted for.  You must finalize the apartment after considering the features you want with it.

Get a private space

If you stay on campus, there are a lot of rules and restrictions which you have to face. You do not get the privacy as such. Whereas staying off campus can give you your own space and can choose to stay alone. You will have your own bathroom which is not possible while staying at campus. Also, it may increase your stress if you live in a campus room where there is very less space. The off campus housing also provides a balcony. Thus, you can get some fresh air too.

Affordable housing

There are various accommodations which are available to choose from and these are cost effective too. While working outside the campus and living at an apartment, you can save your travel expenses from university to office. Apart from that, you can share the rent along with the roommate. Connect with York University Housing in Toronto which can provide affordable accommodations.

Aware about major Life Skills

When you do everything on your own in your own home, it gives a different sense of responsibility. You get a chance to learn essential life skills like how to keep the home clean, doing laundry, cooking, managing bills and more. It is beneficial for you in the long run. Hence, you learn them at an early stage and so you can get more time to improve. You also get a feeling of pride while doing all the things independently.

Eating the food of your choice

It may happen at times that you will get bored with the food available at campus. There are less choices. In case you are following a diet plan, campus food may not be for you. Thus, it is a great idea to stay off-campus and prepare or buy food of your own taste. The best part is you can get your own grocery and cooking utensils. Also, there are apartments with a fridge and so you can save your favorite food item. Compared to on campus,  these residences provide you different amenities like cooking gadgets. Also, today you can get any food item at the doorstep. Hence, if you want to party all night, it is easy for you to order whatever you like. This is not possible on campus as there are various restrictions.

From above it is clear that off campus living is not just fun but an opportunity to try new things. You can save money, plan your household chores and enjoy the freedom of staying in the apartment of your choice.