Grammar is always an important part of writing and the area which students always feared. You can ask students to write something creative they will enjoy writing but if you ask them to write something by properly following the grammar rules they might get confused. The rules of the article “a/an” are mostly clear to the students. They often get confused in using the article “The”. If you are writing Write My Research Paper For Me the Dissertation Proposal then your Professor expects it to be grammatically correct. This blog will help you in understanding the use of the article “THE” more clearly. Let’s begin

Rule 1 – You can use the article “THE” if you want to emphasize something. Mostly a plural common noun uses the article “THE” to particularise the noun.

For example – I have seen the peacock again. (Here “THE” is used to refer to peacock and emphasize the fact that the speaker has seen it earlier)

Rule 2 – If you want to indicate a particular person or thing you can use the article “THE”. However, you must also keep in mind that Proper Noun does not take the article “a/an” before them.

For example – Where is the Barbie doll that I gifted you on Christmas? (Here “THE” is indicating a particular doll that was received by the person on last Christmas)

  • I gifted him an iPod, but he lost the iPod. (In the first clause we introduced the iPod but in the second clause we refer to the particular iPod. We emphasize a particular iPod).

Rule 3 – We use “THE” to sometime generalize something (maybe group/whole)

For example – The bee produces sweet honey. (Here ‘THE Bee’ refers to the whole specie of Bee)

  • The Indians are hardworking people. (Here “THE” indicates all the people of India

Rule 4 – We use “THE” in front of uncountable nouns.

For example – The water of the Indian Ocean is salty. (Here “THE” used to indicate water of Indian Ocean which is uncountable)

  • The Moon revolves around the Sun

Rule 5 – “THE” is also used in front of individual lakes, islands, mountains, and countries

For example – Mountains – The Himalayas, The Andes

  • Countries – The United States, The United Nation
  • Lakes/Oceans – The Indian Ocean, The Great Lakes

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