Technology and the internet have not only increased face-to-face learning in higher education but also made a rapid increase in online music programs today. Many universities are offering various distance learning and online courses for undergraduate as well as master degrees. Music programs examine the age, the level of education, the nature of learning, mode of instructions, and many more. It aims at providing up-to-date and representative views on online learning courses.

Therefore, based on the experiences and opinions of the teachers involved in the online music program, let’s focus both on the benefits and drawbacks of the online program in detail.

Benefits of Online Music Program

The Benefits Here Are Discussed From Two Different Perspectives Teachers And Online Learners:

  • Since it is very difficult to attend a music program physically because of a busy schedule, an online program assists you to attend the program virtually any time and anywhere around the world.
  • Virtual programs help people know more about people and music with different cultural backgrounds.
  • Students can choose their tutors accordingly if they are not well-satisfied with the training provided to them in their respective places.
  • Students enjoy virtual music courses because of their multimodal nature. They gain experiences by using numerous techniques such as e-mails, YouTube recordings, and a lot more.

Drawbacks of Online Music Program

The Drawbacks Related To Virtual Learning Are As Follows:

  • Some students are shy and not able to ask their doubt or write it on the discussion board.
  • Courses based on practice and performance may sometimes be very tough due to poor-quality audio or time delay.
  • It is relatively difficult to play instruments live along with the tutor due to delays in transmissions.
  • Sometimes, people taking virtual music programs get distracted by their home environment.
  • People who are not very comfortable with the online programs find it very difficult to cope up in the sessions.
  • Teachers cannot physically help you in improving your techniques on a particular instrument.

Wrapping Up

However, the online program helps older people as they could not go back to the campus to learning music. It is convenient enough for teachers in terms of practicalities such as transportation, time, and payment. Due to the pandemic, it has been increasing tremendously. Therefore, in the coming years, the online music program will have the potential in reducing socio-psychological gaps caused by distance learning. One should take educational initiatives to promote distance learning in music.