Reading teaches children the basic literacy skills needed to read, write, and communicate with others. Encouraging children to read not only helps them in their English lessons but alsowith their overall development as they are able to become more independent and progress throughout school. Aside from the obvious, there are many more benefits to reading and why you should push your child to read more. Here are some of the reasons that a private school in the UK shares.

A Greater World View

Through books, children can learn about the world and the history of it. They can explore different cultures and learn about how unique and beautiful they are. This can help them to think differently and appreciate how diverse we are as people.

Explore Different Perspectives

Books feature lots of different characters and are written by a diverse range of authors. This gives children an insight into views and perspectives that are different to their own. As a result, they can learn to look at situations from different angles and become better problem solvers. Learning about them can also help children to be more empathetic and understanding as they learn to consider the feelings of others.

Mental Stimulation

Reading, unlike many other activities, provides mental stimulation which is thought to slow cognitive decline. It also benefits the brain by improving memory and concentration. Unlike following a TV show, more effort and determination is needed to finish a book which helps children become more focused.

Imagination and Creativity

As we progress through books, we are able to build clear ideas of what characters and scenes look like using the descriptive words used and our imagination. This can improve key thinking skills like creativity and problem solving.

Improved Vocabulary

With the more children read, the more their vocabulary grows. They stumble on new words and learn how to use them correctly.