Reading should be a fun and engaging activity for all ages. It helps in your child’s understanding of new and important words, improving their writing vocabulary and building awareness of how to properly communicate.

To help them in learning to read book, here are some top tips from an international school in the UK.

Use songs and rhymes

In the early stages, a child is going to be singing a lot of songs, clapping their hands and dancing along to catchy tunes. This is usually the first step in giving your child the awareness of being able to read and appreciate what they’re learning. Using songs or rhymes also means that your child is having fun and getting used to repeating things in their head.

Play word games

Word games are a popular activity for kids to enjoy and they’re able to learn a lot from having fun as they learn. These can be picked up in the car in classic games like I Spy, or you could ask your child questions like “what does this word sound like?”. Using sounds and letters to remember words and phrases helps your child remember how to pronounce them and learn how to pick up on them when they’re reading.

Pick up letter magnets

Stick these to your fridge and get your child to have some fun whenever they’re in the kitchen. Use it as a place to spell out particular words your child may be stuck on, or give them the chance to spell out words they’ve been learning in school.

Repeat, repeat, repeat!

You’d be surprised how much repeating an action will benefit your child’s ability to read. Picking up a book that’s suited to your child’s level and reading aloud each night will get them into the groove of reading. And it gives them a base level to work from when they’re learning to read.