School-going children need many things like pencils, pens, erasers, and many other things. So you should understand the importance of each stationary thing that your children require.

Crayons and makers

You should know how much your children love to draw and colour. You should encourage your children by giving them the colour pencil, crayons and markers. So with the help of these stationery items, children express all their talents. It gives a perfect finishing to their creativity and boosts up their confidence too.


A pencil is commonly made of graphite or lead is an instrument that is used to write. It is one of the important stationery items. Earlier pencils were made of wood and lead, but now there are mechanical pencils which are the modern form of the pencil. Students prefer mechanical pencils as it saves time and efforts of students and it is easy to use and can be used for long-term. There are other types of pencils such as colour pencil which is used to give colour to the drawing.

Eraser and Sharpeners

Eraser is available in various forms with different uses like rubber or gum erasers for pencil marks or kneaded erasers and vinyl erasers for removing marks on the soft paper used for drawing. Duster is also a type of eraser used to remove chalk marks. A sharpener is a tool to sharpens your pencils when the pointed lead is finished. There are many types of sharpeners like plastic or prism sharpener which is used manually. Earlier, knives were used as sharpeners for wooden pencils.


Taking notes and completing the home works the note and the ink pen is an important thing. So you should provide your children with enough notebooks with good quality paper that help them in making the notes. When there is a shortage, it may cause disturbance to their learning.


The pen is to write with the help of ink. There are various types of pen available such as fountain pen, ballpoint pen, Gel pen or markers and sparkle pen

Geometry box

When it comes to the subject of mathematics, you cannot imagine it without a geometry box. They are required to draw any mathematical diagrams and this geometry box will be contained with so many tools like the ruler, protector, compass, set squares, and divider. Each of these geometry box items has various purposes.


The ruler has a straight edge and used to draw straight lines. They are also used to measure the length of the line segments.


Usually, the geometry box contains v-shaped compasses with them. You can place the pencil and used it to draw the arcs, circles, and angles.


A protractor or semi-circle is a tool used to draw and measure the angles.


The divider looks similar to the shape of the compasses and is used to compare and measure the length between two points.

Bottom line 

As a parent, you should provide all the essentials at the same time best quality school stationaries and geometry box items to your children.