Do you have your examinations coming nearby? Well, if you are one of those toppers in the class, you certainly know how to excel at this level as well. But if you are not one of those, then you certainly aspire to be one of the top scoring students in the class. Well, you most probably would be searching the Google each and everyday to inquire on how to top in your class 9 exams. So, just to help you well, we have some tips that will certainly work for you  and soon you will be seen ranking as the best student in your class 9 exams.

  • Beware of your syllabus – We understand that the class 9 syllabus  can be very tough and lengthy. (Keeping in mind your board exams are just the next year!) But you just can’t top the class if you are not aware of the syllabus of this class. So, take a look with a cool mind at your class 9 syllabus and at least try to understand each and every concept of the subjects well. This will help you a lot to prepare for the exams later.
  • Know your weak and strong points – From the entire class 9 syllabus, do access and understand in which subject you are weak and which of those are easy to understand for you. As per this assessment, you should know how much of time you should dedicate to each of the subjects and work hard in them to evolve better.
  • Create a time table – Dividing your time equally to pay attention to all the subjects is important if you want to top the class 9 examinations. So, the first thing you have to do is create a timetable in which you are giving some time to each of the subjects.  But of course, the ones which require more attention needs to have more time dedicated to them.
  • Practise and appear for mock tests – Regular and consistent practise helps you in preparing for the subjects well. So, we recommend you to appear more for the mock tests so that you have a better idea where you are standing after studying for that period of time. A weekly mock test is highly recommended for a class nine student, but if you can not appear at this interval, you can at least try for once in a month test that helps you prepare for the examinations better.
  • Use a good studying app or website – There are dozens of study applications and websites available online. You can choose anyone from them and take some help from it to prepare for your exams better. These educational applications have ready made solutions for all classes. They also have some study materials that are vital for your examinations. Apart from these, you will get recorded lectures, brief explanations and even practise sets and which are important for your examinations. With a daily reference for few minutes to thus educational app or website, you won’t need to fuss at the last moment to prepare for your exams.