Elevating Work Platform training or EWP is an essential program every construction enthusiast should know. It guides every trainee on the steps to take when using an elevated work platform. This undertaking is quite dangerous but trained workers remember the first thing to do when an accident occurs. But why should we wait for an accident if we can train our men to avoid any injury and see our workers doing efficiently? The core of our principles as trainers in the industrial field should be about the safety and efficiency of our workforce.  

Our men come to work prepared and careful. They have been trained to be loyal, kind, respectful, and skilled at work including at elevating work platforms. Their skills are phenomenal and with licenses under their belt, you have the best manpower around.

Elevating Work Platform Training in Gladstone provides participants the necessary preparation and skills to operate a mobile boom type EWP with a boom length of over 11 m. The training includes hands-on training, planning and risk management, applicable legislation and standards, EWP types, characteristics and uses, inspection, maintenance and testing of the EWP; appropriate PPE, correct setup, safe and efficient operation techniques; shut-down and stowage procedures and associated paperwork.

By completing the EWP ticket training and assessment you will be awarded the High-Risk Licence class. Once you have completed all of these series of training, you are called a rising star and you are capable of being dispatched everywhere.

Being sent to another branch is where the challenge begins because you will apply what you have learned from the training. EWP Gladstone is here to call the people to work together. With proper training, they can be commissioned to work on elevated projects anytime, anywhere.

EWP training is useful in the construction field because trainees will be more confident to tackle their job because they know it. Guided by winning construction industries, small-time businessmen should learn to equip their men and authorize them to practice using elevating work platforms in fields like construction, resource, defense, horticulture, and agricultural industries. Elevating Work Platform (EWP) Training in Gladstone is suitable for people working as riggers, electricians, welders, and fitters. They will be trained about the safety of working in high places.

After successfully completing this nationally-recognized course, participants will meet the industry requirements for using: Scissor Lift (Under 11m) and Vertical lift (Under 11m). Finally, elevated work platforms in Gladstone serve as their key to having confidence at work.