October 2022


Travelling with children isn’t always easy. In fact for most parents, the longer the trip, the greater the nerves. The good news is that you’ve come to the right place for the answers that you need. Keep reading to find out everything that you need to know about how to keep your little ones entertained on a long car trip.

Prepare before departure

Unlike when you’re home, you won’t have access to all of your child’s toys and gadgets when on the road. This means that you need to prepare a few entertainment options before you leave. Start by downloading some kids cartoons to your tablet or another device. This will help your children to sit still and quiet for a portion of the trip. Alternatively, a book or two can also help with this. However, if your children get carsick, reading may not be the best idea.

Next, ask your children to pick a toy or two each. Explain that these will be the only toys that they can take with them, so it’s important that they choose carefully. If they protest later, you can remind them that they must have chosen these toys for a reason!

Charge everything before you go

Imagine being 30 minutes into your trip and you find out that none of your electronics r devices are charged and can’t be used. You, and more importantly your children, will be in for a very long journey. So, pack chargers but make sure that everything – be it e-readers, tablets, or headphones – have as much battery as possible before you go.

Plan regular stops

Regular stops help to break the trip into more manageable chunks for both you and your kids. They get to stretch their legs, run around, and use the bathroom. You get an important break from behind the wheel. Plan the stops in advance if you can to avoid feeling rushed on your trip and to make sure that you can stop in actual places.

Pack snacks

Your kids will get hungry in the car, so if you want to stop every time they ask for food, make sure that you bring snacks! Try if you can to make them healthier options too.

Don’t forget the music

Last but not least, don’t forget the music. Making a playlist before you leave can help you to avoid changing songs too much so that you can concentrate on driving safely. It doesn’t need to be entirely kid’s music, but try to include a few of everyone’s favourites so you can all enjoy the music!

Final Thoughts

Now that you’ve read this guide, you’ll be ready to entertain your kids for every car trip – no matter how long or short!