August 2021


Vector algebra is perhaps one of the most integral aspects of Algebra. It focuses on the vector quantities, numbers and variables. In vector algebra, the essential elements generally represent vectors. As a result, diverse algebraic operations are conducted on them for the best experience. 

This article will focus on understanding what vector algebra is and the different things related to it. If you are a beginner in this chapter, this article will help you score better grades by understanding it correctly. 

What Is Vector Algebra?

Vectors have both directions and magnitudes. Generally, it is denoted using an arrow that depicts the direction and length it shows the magnitude. The arrow is indicative of the arrowhead, and the tail is at the opposite end. Also, two vectors are regarded to be equal directions and magnitudes. 

Vector Algebra Operations 

Like any other algebra where the performance of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division are essential, vector algebra also finds them critical. However, vectors contain two distinctive terminologies when regarding multiplication. This may be a cross-product and a dot product. 

Addition Of Vectors 

Let us take the example of vectors A and B. So, when the tail of vector B meets A’s head, the addition can be practiced. During this time, both the direction and magnitude are not allowed to change. As a result, the vector addition goes by two different laws- 

Commutative Law: P + Q = Q + P and 

Associative Law: P + (Q + R) = (P + Q) + R.

Subtraction Of Vectors 

In this case, the direction of the remaining vectors gets reversed. This is when the addition of both vectors is performed. So, if A and B are the respective vectors for which the subtraction needs to be carried out, you need to invert the direction of the other vector. So, now you will be required to add vectors A and -B. As a result, the direction of the vectors will be opposite from one another. However, the magnitude remains stagnant. 

Multiplication Of Vectors 

In vector algebra, multiplication is slightly different. So, if the scalar quality is K multiplied by A, the scalar multiplication will be kA. Also, in the case of K being positive, the direction of Vector A is likely to be the same. However, in the case of the negative value, the direction of Vector kA will be opposite to the direction of vector A. 

Dot And Cross Product 

  1. Dot Product: Also known as a scalar product, it is denoted by a dot. In this case, two coordinated vectors are multiplicated so that the outcome reaches a single number. 
  2. Cross Product: You can indicate this by a sign (x) amidst two vectors. This one is also a binary vector operation that is defined in a three-dimensional sector. 

Is Vector Algebra Easy?

Yes, vector Algebra is quite an easy, scoring and exciting subject. Initially, you might find yourself fumbling around for an easy understanding of this subject. But once you get the hang of it, there is no turning back. Also, the formulas are significant to learn. So make sure you keep practicing the formulas to ace algebra exams next time. 


There are narrative and written in comic books format. This novel can be encompassing nonfiction to fiction from short to long stories. For example Archie comics which was published by John Gold water and Bob Montana who is an illustrator.

Difference between graphic novel and Manga

Manga is a word of Japan which is used for comic it is used in a generic term for all comics and novels in the English-speaking world. It is considered as an artistic and storytelling style. There is a term Amery manga which sometimes referred to comics which is created by American artist in Manga style. On the other hand graphic novels is a narrative work in which the story is conveyed to the reader using comic form. In term of elements manga has depicting objects and images.

What are the different kinds of มังงะ?

There are lots different kind of Manga available worldwide as a comic series like Shônen, shôjo, Seinen, Josei , Naruto, one piece, ghost in the shell, berserk, sailor moon, Hunter x hunter and much more.

What are the top 3 manga?

Top 3 manga in this world is death note, Bleach, Naruto.

Doraemon is also a Japanese อ่านการ์ตูน series written and illustrated by Fujiko F. Fuji. The story revolves around an earless robotic cat named Doormen, who travels back in time from the 22nd century to aid a boy named Nabila.

What are the reasons behind the addiction of Japanese manga?

The best part of Japanese Manga is its precise and alluring drawing which drawn by the Japanese author to attract their Readers. Beautiful drawing and graphics are the main element of attractive manga if the drawing feels awful then you’ll not be able to connect the real manga and can’t enjoy the whole story. Because Japanese writers practice a lot to draw manga, the story came out as an addiction. Due to excellence of Japanese authors of manga people get addicted to it and it shows that Japanese writers are able to satisfy their fans.

When was the first มังงะ published?

The very first manga magazine was Eshinbun Nippon chi which was published in 1874 by kanagaki Rabun. Many said that the first manga was influenced by the ‘The Japan Punch’s the pioneering magazine in Japan. It was published between 1862 and 1887 and the publisher was Charles wireman. 

People can learn various things from the comic book.

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Why learn python?

Easy syntax

The main reason behind the popularity of python is its easy syntax and innate simplicity. Python’s code resembles easy English and learning those codes is extremely simple. Anyone who is considering entering the coding industry, is advised to learn python. Python is used widely in both development and data science fields for web development. Python codes are shorter than codes of another language.

Highly flexible and extensible

Python being a highly scalable and extensible language allows you to perform cross-language operations without any hassle. Python allows easy integration with java and .NET Components. Python also invokes the use of C/C++ libraries. Python is flexible and hence can be run on any platform, Like Windows, Linux,  Macintosh, Solaris, etc.

Varied libraries to cater to every need

Python offers the maximum number of useful libraries, as compared to any other language. These libraries help program and design easily. These libraries have enhanced the functionality and capabilities of python significantly. For every task python has a corresponding library to get work done easily. These libraries span solutions to every need of varied business vertices. Some of the most effective and highly used libraries of python are, NumPy, SciPy, Scikit learn, Matplotlib, Pandas, StatsModels etc.

Highly demanded

Python holds high popularity in GUI, Desktop application design and app designing. Due to easy codes and user-friendly interface python is high-demand. Many top MNC’S and business houses have adopted python for their websites and applications. Due to this high-demand individuals are coursing towards learning python language. even amidst web developers python finds high-demand.

Command high pay checks

If you have python skills, you can grab a seat and work at some posts offering high pay checks. Python opens up doors to various highly paid positions. Python rules the development and data science fields at present, it promises a high growth graph with huge salary prospects. Spanning a range of jobs from data analysts to full-stack developers.

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